Friday, February 7, 2014

Top Tips For Using Absorbine ShowSheen

New and improved Absorbine ShowSheen is a staple product in many tackrooms across the UK. Enriched with pro-vitamins and silk proteins ShowSheen keeps manes and tails tangle free, makes coats sleek and accentuates body tone and definition.
We asked our facebook fans for their tips on the best ways of using ShowSheen, here are the best innovative and effective tips for using ShowSheen that we received:  
“I spray ShowSheen all over the horse before clipping, it helps the clippers glide through the coat which makes it quicker, my blades last longer and it prevents the coat having clip lines”.
“ShowSheen is absolutely brilliant for a native pony’s thick mane and tail. One of my boys is a real mud monster! Spray on and the brush goes straight through! Definitely not just for show preparation”.
“Its great for spraying on legs in winter to prevent mud sticking so much!”
“After a bath we spray ShowSheen all over when ponies are still damp then rug up. It makes them super shiny and soft”.
“Spray ShowSheen down legs to stop mud from staining them. Keep the bottom of the tail well sprayed as it stops the dreaded yellow tail on greys”.
“I like to pour some ShowSheen in a bucket with the shampoo when I'm bathing to really get it in the coat and leave a soft shiny sheen”.
“I use it on hocks to stop the dirt sticking!”
“Spray ShowSheen on your horses legs and belly area before they are turned out, and when you bring them in just brush of the mud and it will be a lot easier and quicker to get the mud off using the ShowSheen. It's very useful whilst we are having this rainy weather at the moment”.
“Its brilliant for bushy tails, spray and work through hairs with fingers. Also good for everyday use to keep coats healthy and to use under hoods to prevent rub marks”.
“Use a little bit of ShowSheen, but often, after a thorough brushing spray on brush in and smooth over the coat with a clean sponge”.

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