Friday, July 1, 2016

Sponsored riders reign supreme in the rain

Summer so far has felt more like a parody of British weather than anything else, but the seemingly constant deluge hasn’t put a damper on Absorbine’s sponsored riders and their show season. Despite an unseasonable amount of mud – who thought we’d be worrying about mud fever in June?! – the Derby Meeting at Hickstead rolled merrily along, with horses, hounds, and dogged enthusiasts braving the elements for a fantastic week of competition.
Jo Bates had a great week, with Lady Benton-Jones’ classy Gallifrey SWS coming fourth in the CHAPS Non-Native Open Ridden Qualifier, and Suzannah Welby’s Elusive taking the Large Hack HOYS Qualifier and placing second in the Supreme Hack Championship.
Jo Bates and Elusive. Photo by Spidge Event Photography.
Jayne Ross left no stone unturned, taking the Supreme Cob Championship and the Lightweight Cob HOYS Qualifier aboard the McCourt’s Cob in Hood, the Small Show Hunter HOYS Qualifier aboard Dianne Stennett’s Hello Dolly, and the Supreme Riding Horse Championship and Small Riding Horse HOYS Qualifier aboard Dianne Stennett’s Casino.
Tackling a pile of muddy laundry after a big show is the last thing anyone wants to think about, but our newly-launched Leather Therapy line will lighten the load considerably. With products available for rugs, numnahs, clothing, and even leather (yes, really – thank us later!), you can chuck your horse’s gear in the washing machine and have one less thing to worry about. Ask for the Leather Therapy range at your local tack shop or country supply store.

Well done to Jo and Jayne from the team at Absorbine UK, and fingers crossed for some summer sun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Team Bates headed off to Hartpury at the beginning of April to compete in the British Dressage Winter Championships. On Wednesday, the first day of competition, Cambridge and Holly were 7th in the Advanced Medium Restricted Championship. They were the first to go and a rode a good test with a couple of minor mistakes. Jo said “He was a little underpowered so plenty of room for improvement but it is amazing to think that a year ago he was on box rest due to stress cracks in his feet and we were unsure whether we would ever resolve the situation. He had a year off but we all believed in him and through endless patience and diligence we now have a fabulous horse to train on with and good feet to boot!”

Holly Bates and Chambridge, 7th in Advanced Medium Restricted 
at British Dressage Winter Championship 2016
The second day of competition saw Dorando, owned by Ali Fernyhough, and Holly compete in the Elementary Open. “They did a great test to finish 8th on 69.06. He was incredibly brave and well behaved in the atmosphere and we are very proud of him especially as he is just rising 6 years of age. Still room for improvement but what a clever talented young chap!” Said Jo.
Fantastic results, well done to all the team. 2016 looks set to be an exciting year for Jo and Holly, best of luck to you from all the team at Absorbine UK.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

 Winter Grooming with Absorbine

As we move through February and, hopefully, the last few months of winter weather, you may be feeling as impatient for spring to arrive. This time of year our once luscious green fields have turned into mud baths, and we continue the battle of trying to keep our horses as clean as possible.

As the longer days and greener fields of spring are still a few weeks away, we thought we’d offer some ideas to help your horse beat the winter blues with some winter grooming tips.

Since Christmas we’ve had down pours of rain, sub-zero temperatures, and the odd glimmer of sunshine. The turbulent weather means one thing, mud. Some of the hardy breeds may not require a rug, but it inevitably leads to them rolling in the first patch of mud they find. Even those with rugs, the mud creeps in leaving their coats, manes, and tails a muddy, matted mess. And with the temperatures still hovering around freezing, a wash-down with the hose is simply not an option.

Luckily, Absorbine® has the answer to winter grooming frustrations: ShowSheen Miracle Groom®. A waterless product, ShowSheen Miracle Groom naturally cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles, and shines in just one application.

With no need for soap and water, this non-greasy cleaner can safely be used in cold weather. Before you use it, you’ll want to let the mud on your horse dry for best results. Brush off the loose dirt, then lightly spray the area directly or onto a towel.  Rub the product backward through the horse’s coat. You can also use Miracle Groom on the mane and tail, making this 5-in-1 product useful as a cleaner, conditioner, detangler, and deodorizer.

No matter what the weather, it’s important to keep your horse clean and healthy. With Miracle Groom, you’re one step closer to a clean horse without getting your hands wet and freezing cold.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bigeloil Quilted Hoof Pads are the “no-mess” hoof poultice solution, making hoof care quicker and easier. Unique quilted pockets contain the poultice, allowing for easier, mess-free application and quicker clean-up than traditional poultices. After the dry poultice pad is activated with water, it stays in place for easy wrapping.
  • Application is as easy as 1-2-3!
    1. Soak poultice for 20 seconds 
    2. Apply to hoof 
    3. Cover with wrap
    No heavy tubs or messy residue
  • Easy removal – just take off the quilted wrap and discard 
  • Can be used with warm or cold water 
  • Specialized fiber paper holds dry poultice mixture
  • Uses traditional poultice ingredients: kaolin clay and Epsom salts 
  • Can be used whenever hoof heat, bruising, or general soreness is a concern, or after competition or heavy work

Clean, convenient and easy to remove - just watch this!

Check out our info graphic - how to groom like a pro!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Gifts From Absorbine

Absorbine have a wonderful selection of practical festive gifts with something for each member of the family. 


Fed up with both pony and child ending up soaking wet and freezing cold after a bath in preparation for the Christmas Show? Absorbine, ShowSheen® Miracle Groom provides the turnout of a bath but no water is needed, making it the perfect present.  This “Bath in a Bottle” which has newly been incorporated into the Absorbine ShowSheen range has an award winning 5 in 1 formula and cleans, conditions, detangles, deodorises and shines.  Simply spray it on and rub off with a towel to eradicate stains and leave the coat silky soft. 

Available in 950ml (RRP £13.50).


At Absorbine we understand that tasks such as tack cleaning need to be carried out as quickly, effectively and painlessly as possible.  Absorbine Horseman's One Step® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is a convenient, one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream.  It removes dirt and sweat and provides suppleness and a natural shine.  No water is required and Horseman’s One Step is great for use on a multitude of leather garments in addition to tack.  It will not darken most leathers.

Available in 425g cream (RRP £7.99) and 236ml spray (RRP £7.99).


Absorbine ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler makes equine coats smooth and sleek and accentuates body tone and definition.  It also helps cut down on the time taken carrying out horse related chores during the long winter months.  Minimise grooming time by spraying on to legs and the neck before turnout so the mud staining and sticking to the coat is kept to an absolute minimum.   The unique formula of Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler which includes pro-vitamins and silk proteins also keeps manes and tails tangle free.
Available in 450ml (RRP £8.50), 950ml (RRP £13.25) or 444ml continuous spray (RRP £9.99). Detangler Gel is available in 237ml (£13.50). 


Keep your horse’s hooves in perfect condition this Christmas with Hooflex Liquid Conditioner from The Absorbine Hooflex Range.  Hooflex Liquid Conditioner is made from a unique formula, created from nine special ingredients which ensure the correct moisture balance is maintained in the hoof.   Hooflex Liquid Conditioner helps to maintain good quality new hoof growth from the coronet bands.

Available in 444ml (RRP £12.10)

Have a clean and sweet smelling dog at Christmas this year with the new Absorbine ShowSheen® Coat Care for Dogs range. 
Keep coats tangle free with ShowSheen Detangler and Conditioner which has an anti-static and fast drying formula and is enhanced with the calming, soothing fragrances of jasmine and sandalwood.  ShowSheen Bath in a Bottle is a ready to use, waterless shampoo with no rinsing required which cleans, conditions, deodorizes and detangles.  ShowSheen® Stain Remover and Whitener is a fast acting, deep-cleansing spot remover.   

Available in 473ml spray (RRP £7.50).


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NEW Leather Therapy® From Absorbine®

We are pleased to welcome the Leather Therapy® brand, and complete product portfolio to the W.F Young family. The Leather Therapy product line of innovative formulas offer a range of options for addressing leather care challenges, from the Leather Restorer & Conditioner which actively inhibits mold and mildew, to the patented Leather Laundry Solution to easily clean and condition leather and sheepskin equestrian wear in the washing machine. The Leather Therapy line complements Absorbine Horseman’s One-Step® products, offering consumers additional options to meet their leather care needs, whether it’s daily maintenance or the toughest restoration projects.
 The range includes Tack Wash, Tack Restorer & Conditioner, Leather Laundry Solution, Laundry Rinse and Dressing, Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash, and Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse. The products are known for high quality and innovation – Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner is approved to inhibit mould and mildew, both Leather Laundry formulas are patented, and all three products have been recognized by the independent US magazine, Horse Journal, for quality and efficacy.
Leathery Therapy Tack Wash, Tack Restorer & Conditioner

 The Leather Therapy Tack Wash cleans tough dirt and grime and helps leather to stay strong and supple. It comes in a spray application, which is sprayed directly on to your saddlery, bridle work, or leather garment, and wiped off so there is no need to rinse. It does not leave a residue on the leather and there is no moisture build up. This helps prevent mould and protects the deterioration of any stitching. The formula is pH-balanced with micro suds to lift out any embedded dirt, sweat, and grime. It is ideal for cleaning and removing mould and mildew on your leather products and works synergistically with the Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner. The Restorer & Conditioner is a blend of rich replenishing oils formulated to transform dry, hard leather to original flexibility. It is ideal for restoring old, dried out leather and helps it last longer with regained suppleness and strength as well as inhibiting mould and mildew. To use, apply to clean leather with a damp cloth. It leaves no residue or moisture build-up and works cumulatively as the effects are reinforced with each use because the mould and mildew inhibitors stay in the leather, not just on the surface.

 Leather Therapy Leather Laundry Solution and Laundry Rinse & Dressing

The Leather Therapy Leather Laundry Solution is designed to be used in the washing machine on natural and synthetic leather, fabric and sheepskin items. It restores the soft feel of suede or smooth leather, fabrics and fleece; one wash will bring comfort and life back to the leather. Laundry Solution works by removing abrasive dirt particles while adding rich leather and fabric conditioners. The patented formula is pH neutral and ideal for use on full seat breeches, full and half chaps, sheepskin saddle pads and leather clothing. For best results it should be used with the conditioner Laundry Rinse & Dressing. The rinse formula is also pH-neutral and biodegradable with anti-static properties. It can be used as a wipe on dressing for extra dry leather after washing or 1-2 capfuls can be added to the last rinse cycle of a wash.

The Leather Therapy Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash
The Leather Therapy Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash is a lavender scented laundry concentrate for natural and synthetic fabrics. Added to your washing loads, Leather Therapy Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash will break down the heavy soils, protein-based grime and contaminates. Ideal for rugs, saddle pads, boots, wraps and girths as it helps eliminate odours leaving them refreshed and clean. For the best results it should be used with Leather Therapy Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse; a deodorising rinse that provides sanitising agents and anti-static properties to your wash load. To use, add the Wash to the detergent dispenser and the Rinse to the conditioner dispenser of your washing machine. Both formulas are pH-neutral and biodegradable so they are gentle on fabrics and do not damage waterproofing.