Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Care For Your Horse

When we get long periods of dry weather, hooves can become brittle and cracked. This can lead to problems such as clenches raising on the shoes more quickly than normal ,which results in more frequently lost shoes, which in turn can result in lost days training, missed competitions and expensive vet’s bills.
During dry conditions, hooves need to be kept thoroughly oiled. Absorbine Hooflex Original Liquid Conditioner is brilliant to help keep the correct moisture balance in the hoof during dry conditions.
The use of Absorbine Hooflex Original Liquid Conditioner creates a breathable barrier to help maintain the proper moisture balance necessary to keep hooves healthy in both exceptionally wet and very dry conditions. The unique formula, created from nine special ingredients helps to maintain good quality new hoof growth from the coronet bands.
It is important to get your horse shod regularly in the dry summer months. If their hooves are too long there is a risk that the nails will come up and the horse will pull off a shoe and damage its foot. If a horse does manage to pull a shoe off, Absorbine Magic Cushion Hoof Packing is perfect to help protect the foot until a farrier is able to come out and put the shoe back on.

Magic Cushion is an efficient way to cool and cushion bruised soles and sore feet. Thermography tests show that the all-natural formula can start to reduce heat in hooves after just an hour. It also has cleaning and cushioning properties to help keep the sole in good condition, even under pads! With its sticky, spongy texture, it moulds perfectly to the horses sole and will last up to 48 hours.

On hard ground, joints and muscles can easily get tired, sore and jarred. Absorbine's Liquid Embrocation contains a time honoured blend of calendula, Echinacea and wormwood herbs and is ideal for use as a muscle rub on sore muscles, stiff joints and tendons by helping to support circulation before or after work. After finishing competing Liquid Embrocation can also be diluted with water and used as a refreshing body wash, to revitalise the horse.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Absorbine riders on top at Great Yorkshire

The Great Yorkshire Show took place last week from the 8th July to 10th July in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate. Following on from the Hickstead Derby, both of the Absorbine Sponsored riders, Jayne Ross and Jo Bates had more successes in the showing classes.
Jo came second in the Ridden Cobs – Maxi Cob class, showing Mrs A Blundell’s Colebourne. Jo also took home a third in the Riding Horses – Large Riding Horse, riding Daldorn Lara, owned by Lady Benton Jones.
Jo showing Colebourne at The Great Yorkshire Show. Photo taken by David Puttock.
Jayne also took home a few prizes, including a first with Rosettes Direct’s, Broadshard Simplicity in the Riding Horses – Large Riding horse. She also came second in both the Ridden Cobs – Heavyweight Cob and Ridden Cobs – CH22 with Mrs C Bardo’s Its Abrocobdabra.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Absorbine Sponsored Riders Jayne Ross and Jo Bates Success at The Hickstead Derby Meeting

The Hickstead Derby meeting took place from the 25th to the 29th June. This prestigious event saw Absorbine sponsored riders, Jayne Ross and Jo Bates have a number of successes in the showing classes.

Jayne Ross and the team at Carol Bardo’s Moor Farm are renowned for producing horses across the wide range of showing classes and having repeated successes at the very highest levels of the sport.

At the Hickstead Derby meeting, Jayne took first place in the Nettex Small Show Hunter (Qualifier for HOYS) riding Dianna Stennetts ‘Hello Dolly’. She went on to get a second in the Heavyweight Cob (HOYS Qualifier) with Carol Bardo’s ‘Its Abracobdabra’. Jayne also came 4th with Rosettes Direct’s ‘Bradshard Simplicity’ in the Large Riding Horse and 3rd in the Nettex Lightweight Hunter with Dianne Stennetts ‘Time 2 Relfect’.

Jayne on Broadshard Simplicity at the Hickstead Derby Meeting 2014

Jo Bates is enjoying a tremendously successful season so far and has a number of horses qualified for the Royal International and The Horse of the Year Show.
Jo encountered more success at the Hickstead Derby meeting, taking first place in the Large Riding Horse (HOYS Qualifier) riding Daldorn Laras Theme, owned by Lady Benton-Jones. Jo also came 4th in the Nettex Small Hack with her own horse Comberton Corncockle.