Thursday, September 30, 2010


The quality of our products really speaks for itself - however, we wanted to give the Absorbine UK Blog readers the opportunity to see our products in action.

Check out this video of Hooflex, the classic hoof conditioner recommended by vets and farriers for over eighty-five years!!! Time honoured ingredients like pine tar and rosin provide a breathable barrier in the hoof wall which maintain a proper and natural mouisture balance. Natural cleansing properties can also help to prevent infection................Did we mention EIGHTY-FIVE YEARS?!?

Welcome - meet our great products!

Welcome to the Absorbine UK blog. Our posts will cover a variety of subjects, including; results and top tips from our talented sponsored riders, Jo Bates, Jayne Webber and Sussex Lusitanos, information about our great products and tutorials to help you get the best out of them, as well as news on our latest products.

There will also be the opportunity for you to win some of our fantastic products and even ask our sponsored riders any questions you may have.

First though, we want to introduce you to some of our best known products.

As the world's number one selling hair polish, ShowSheen is uniquly formulated to provide the serious horse owner with an unsurpassed multi-purpose grooming aid. It coats each hair shaft to keep manes and tails tangle-free, while its conditioning action reduces static fly-aways. The coat becomes smooth and sleek, accentuating muscle tone and definition. It also repels dust, dirt, and stains, keeping your horse cleaner for longer. Using ShowSheen can reduce grooming time by as much as 80%. In fact, ShowSheen has been recognised as the best equine grooming aid on the market for more than quarter of a century.

Miracle Groom:

Also known as the bath in the bottle, Miracle Groom is a patented 5-in-1 formula that cleans conditions, deodorizes, detangles and shines in just one application. It produces amazing results as it naturally cleans and nourishes the coast, while still protecting the hairs essential oils. It maintains a bright shine without a greasy residue so that the saddle won't slip. And it works without soap or water, so it's great for cold weather touch-ups.


Non-irratating and PH balanced, SuperPoo Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for horses. Its thick, rich foam rinses out quickly and easily, leaving hair shiny and manageable. Cleaning agents lift out dirt from the skin and coat for a deep cleaning. The concentrated apple-scented formula is econmical as you only need two tablespoons to wash an average size horse.