Friday, November 27, 2015

It is clipping time again! Grab you grooming box and the clippers, we’ve got some very useful tips to ensure a smart clip every time! 

  1. Before clipping, the horse needs to have a clean coat. Ideally you would give them a bath but if it is too cold then thorough grooming is essential – ShowSheen Miracle Groom is invaluable for a quick tidy up or a thorough grooming during the colder months!  Clipping a dirty coat results in blunt blades and trying to clip through dried on sweat will pull at the horse’s hair and make him very sore. 
  2. ShowSheen 2-in-1 Shampoo from Absorbine will get the skin and coat really clean and conditioned.  Ideally, bath your horse the day before you clip to ensure that he is clean and dry and free from mud or sweat before you start. 
  3. Spraying the coat lightly with ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler will help the clippers glide through the coat, giving a smooth, clean finish to the clip which will help make your clipper blades last as longer.
  4. Introduce the clippers to your horse slowly, especially if he’s new to the experience. Horses can be wary of the sound and the vibration the clippers make. Remember to keep the clippers cable away from your horse’s legs.
  5. Once you have started clipping, remember to place a rug over your horse to keep him warm – you can place the rug over his quarters while you are working on the front, and pull it forward while you work towards the quarters
  6. As you clip, adjust the direction your clippers to follow the hair growth patterns, which will help reduce clipper lines.
  7. When you have finished, give your horse a “hot towel” bath which will lift any dust, loose hair and excess grease from the skin and coat and leave him feeling refreshed and looking shiny.  Add some Absorbine Liquid Embrocation to a bucket of hot water with a towel, wring it out and rub the horse all over.
  8. Finally, put rugs on and take your horse for a brisk walk to get his circulation going again – clipping can be time consuming and he will welcome the exercise after standing for a while. 
  9. Remember to put rugs on as the temperature dictates. The more hair you remove the heavier the rug you’ll require, for example a horse with a full clip might need a heavy turnout with a neck cover whilst a horse with a bib clip will only require a lightweight.
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  10. Use a good quality detangler such as Showsheen Detangler Gel and use your fingers to comb through manes and tails to avoid breaking hair.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well done to all members of the Bates team, sponsored by Absorbine, for their success at the Horse of the Year Show. All their hard work and efforts bought home the ribbons:

Benny Hill II, owned by Valerie Hosegood, came fourth in the Leeman Family Maxi Cob of the Year. Volatis Oriana was placed sixth in the CHAPS Coloured Ridden Non-native Horse of the Year class ridden, and owned by, Lucy Bridgwater. Jessica Williams was second with her own Dowhills Snow Patrol in the CHAPS Coloured Ridden Non-native Pony class and Runnon Watergate owned by Debbie Thomas and Chris Yates was 4th in the Colosso Family Small Riding Horse of the Year class.

Well done to all the Bates team and congratulations, a fantastic end to successful season!