Monday, March 6, 2017

Absorbine® celebrates its 125 year anniversary

Manufacturers of the renowned Absorbine® range of grooming, hoof care, fly control and leather care products, W.F. Young Inc, are celebrating their 125th anniversary for their horse care products in 2017.

Mary Ida Fenelon and two of her Saddlebred horses
Founded in 1892 by Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife, Mary Ida, W. F. Young, Inc.’s first product was Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. Wilbur delivered cargo with a wagon and a team of horses. Mary Ida was an avid horse enthusiast and cared for all their horses. Wilbur's team would get tired after long days of pulling freight and often would be too sore the next day to pull cargo as effectively. With the help of his wife, Mary Ida, Wilbur developed a natural formula of herbs and essential oils that became Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. In 1892 Wilbur decided to dedicate his life to helping keep horses as healthy as possible.

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment circa 1892
Absorbine was invented because of the compassion for horses that Wilbur and Mary Ida Young felt. They believed that although the horse was a "means to an end" for most people, they also needed to be treated humanely in return for all their hard work. A happy healthy horse is going to work more efficiently and require less care.  Absorbine believe that every product must be conceived with the horse's health and well-being in mind.
Veterinary Liniment - or
Embrocation as it is now known
in its up-to-date packaging.

Today, Absorbine continues this spirit of caring for animals instilled by Mary Ida and Wilbur with constant innovation. Absorbine has consistently updated its product line to better meet the evolving needs of horses and their owners. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in innovative, specialised animal health care brands – including Absorbine Liniment, UltraShield® fly control, ShowSheen® grooming products, Hooflex® hoof care, and the award-winning Woof Pouf®. More recently adding the Leather Therapy® and Bigeloil® to its family of trusted brands.

In 2017, Absorbine is celebrating their 125th anniversary with a limited edition 1.19 litre ShowSheen Original Hair Polish and Detangler with 25% extra product free.  To mark the occasion, they will also be raising money for international animal welfare charity, Brooke, throughout the year. Absorbine and the Brooke were both founded upon the same core values of working to improve the lives of working horses. Through product sales and the support of brand ambassador, Charlotte Dujardin, Absorbine will raise money to support the Brooke’s essential work.  
125 year anniversary
Absorbine ShowSheen

“We at Absorbine are proud of our unique heritage, and the 125-year legacy that has taken the form of several successful animal health care brands regarded internationally for their quality and dependability,” says Chris Jacobi, President of Absorbine

. “However, we know that it is the dedication and passion of our loyal customers that has allowed us to make such progress since 1892, and this celebration is our opportunity to give back and express our gratitude. They are the reason we have become The Horse World’s Most Trusted Name®, and we intend to live up to that name for years to come.”

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