Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

HOYS is the climax of the showing year, but the event is worlds apart front the average county show. So how do you prepare to give your best performance at the showing world's premier event? We caught up with golden girl of the showing ring, Jayne Webber, who had some fantastic results this year, to find out how she prepared for the big occasion.

How do you keep your horses fresh at the end of a busy season?

It is very easy for horses to become jaded during the showing season, particularly if they have been driven all over the country in order to qualify for the championships. We turn all the horses out in the field regularly and often they will be out the night before a show. This gives them time to completely relax and unwind. We also hack regularly in Windsor Great Park - in fact The Philanderer had been doing just that before he won the Supreme at HOYS last year! I will also give the horses a short holiday during the season, if I think they need it. It's all about maintaining a good balance.

How did you prepare your horses for the buzzy atmosphere at HOYS?

The atmosphere at HOYS is unlike that of any other show. The indoor arenas, the lights and sounds are all very different to an outdoor show, so it is important to acclimatise the horse to this by attending other indoor shows, particularly those with an evening performance. You could also try inviting friends to applaud during your schooling sessions?!?

How did you keep the horses coats looking great for HOYS this year?

We are lucky to be sponsored by Absorbine and their brilliant products help to keep all the horses clean and shiny. We use Superpoo or ShowClean Shampoo to get them really clean and then ShowSheen to give their coat a lovely gleam and prevent static. We also keep the horses well rugged up , which slows down the coat change at this time of year.

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